About Me

I’m Ben, and I love to question why I’m photographing people

What is a Portrait?  Why do we love to freeze a snapshot of someone at a particular stage in life?  Is it an image that shows someone smiling and at their ‘best’?  Is it a representation of what they ‘do’? Is it, like a classic Mona-Lisa-esque painting, a view into their soul? (getting a little deep now!)  Is it a moment that grabs an element of their personality that means the most to us?

And, What is Family?  How do you show the complex love and bonds between parents & children and even more so between siblings (particularly when the siblings are at the age when they won’t stand within two feet of each other without starting to bicker or pinch n punch!) ?

Aiming to connect with everyone I photograph on as deep a level as possible is important to me.  Why? I guess to relax them and allow them to show those aspects of personality that make up who they are.