I’m Ben & I’m a dad, it’s the first thing on the answer sheet to ‘so, what do you do?’ ‘I ‘dad’’, I’m not sure that is technically a verb, but hey, I think it is a thing isn’t it..? To ‘mum’, to ‘dad’...?!

Or at least I try my best to ‘dad’.


Next, I’m a family photographer, something I’ve always loved to do and that has been a big driving force in my life for a decade of so, and something I’ve found a deeper connection to since I started to ‘dad’.  While I still maintain my passion for the technical & artistic side of photography, I also now understand more why people feel a strong desire to mark the quickly passing times of family life.


I also run, I used to be a runner as a young kid, I then stopped for most of my life until I re-found my love of it a few years ago, I’m pretty slow all in all, but it keeps me active, moving forward and smiling.

I’m Ben, I dad, I photograph & I run...