Portraits with Personality

Creating Expressive Portraits for Families Full of Life

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I always loved that quote, (what a cult teen classic of a movie..!) however, it started to make a lot more sense when I became a dad for the first time nearly two years ago (where did that go?!).  Life’s hectic and crazy and pretty awesome, but so easy to get caught up in that you have to just pause sometimes to appreciate what you have in it.

Particularly family, each person that makes up your special unit grows and changes all the time as children’s personalities grow and develop and that’s what I love to capture.  Those current personality quirks that make your kids, well…. your kids, the curled noses, raised eyebrows, the expressions you know so well now, that will soon grow & change as they do.

I love being a dad, as parents we always try to create as much family time as possible, to make memories I guess, but just sometimes I like to stop and take the time to create a special image that is a snapshot of our lives in their amazing current state, before time moves us on to the next awesome stage…..  here is one I did when Effie was 8months old and we were having ‘fun’ weaning her onto solid food.

You won’t make your family memories in my studio, you make them on your holidays camping in the rain or sunning it up on the beach and on your day trips to wildlife parks and adventure centres.  We’ll have fun, no doubt, but for me this is about showing the personalities that make up your family. 

What I offer is the chance to break from your hectic schedules to capture your family as it is now.

I show the essence of YOUR family through all the personalities that combine to make it.

How?  There’s no stiff posing, absolutely no ‘CHEESE’, (ok, I just might get them to say cheese, then I’ll probably follow it up with…. say….’insert funny word here’ )  hey, it’s an old trick, but it works every time!

This is a fluid, energetic session that is designed to allow everyone to show their personalities.

What you can expect from the session, is an outcome that shows the life of your family, an image or images that display who you all and what you’re all about.  That will add a little fun and presence to your home and through the years will remind you of this crazy, fun, whirlwind that is family life!

Interested in doing away with the typically staged, ‘natural’ family shots and want to really capture your family?

‘Brilliant photos yet again Ben! All the family love them. I would highly recommend Ben if anyone is wanting photos doing in the future!! Lots of patience, lots of fun and beautiful pics !! Thanks again Ben for persevering with all of us!! X’ Jayne Oughton